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Introducing Attract AR & Attract VR

At Exology, we’ve been creating Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences for over 5 years, and we felt it was time to bring them out into the limelight. AR and VR tech is a massive growth industry, with applications ranging from travel and tourism, through attractions and museums, training and education to retail and brand […]

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CRM & Data Management

The term CRM officially stands for ‘Customer Relations Management’, so it’s just software to manage your relationships with your customers, isn’t it? More recently CRM systems have expanded to cover the vast majority of Data Management situations, including everything from Customers to Products, Stock to Invoicing, Services, Suppliers, and a vast array of custom uses including club memberships, attendance registers, health and safety requirements and many more.

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Chatbots for Business

In simple terms, a chatbot is all about having a conversation. Do you find yourself having the same conversations time and time again, either when supporting customers, or when explaining about your products, when delivering training or when handling sales enquiries? A customised chatbot tailored to your business is on hand to have these conversations with people at all times of the day.

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