Get a complete view of your business with CRM from Apps4. Reduce costs, increase sales and cultivate happy customers through deeper insights available right at your fingertips

Increase Sales

It's 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one (Forbes). Retaining customers for life should be the primary objective for any company or organisation no matter the size.

CRM from Apps4 gives you the edge over your competitors to respond to customers wherever and whenever you need to, giving you all their history and key information at your fingertips.

Improve Customer Service

The sooner a lead is followed up, the more likely it is they will convert to customers. Only 7% of companies follow their leads within an hour (2015 QSS Survey), and chances are the leads also contacted your customers. 71% of companies take up to 47 hours to follow up enquiries - that's an awful lot of wasted leads if you're not first to make the impression.

Use your most valuable asset to its fullest

Your customer data is your most valuable asset. People and circumstances change, and keeping all your data in one place where it can be accessed by all who need it is the easiest way to ensure nothing gets lost.

With CRM from Apps4 you can bring in all your data - not just sales and customer information, but contact history, presence at events, training, interest levels and much more. In fact, any data you might collect can be brought in to CRM and made available through reports, forms data pages and custom visualisations across mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops to workers both local and remote.

Get started with campaign control today

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