Introducing Attract AR & Attract VR

Immersive Technologies from Apps4

At Exology, we’ve been creating Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences for over 5 years, and we felt it was time to bring them out into the limelight.

AR and VR tech is a massive growth industry, with applications ranging from travel and tourism, through attractions and museums, training and education to retail and brand interaction.  To support this rapidly growing area of industry we’re proud to announce the launch of Attract AR for Augmented Reality and Attract VR for Virtual Reality. Check them out below:

Attract AR – The new home for Augmented Reality and 7D Experiences

Whether it’s AR-based trails, covering history and heritage to current sights and even futuristic predictions and fantasy, or 7D experiences using projection and physical effects, Augmented Reality brings magical experiences to life before your very eyes, and puts you right into the middle of them.

Attract AR solutions range from individual-scale, personal ‘wow’ moments like giving the ability to try on custom-designed jewellery without having to leave home, or getting ‘hands-on’ with priceless historical artefacts normally kept behind thick glass, all the way to large-scale projected experiences for groups or classrooms complete with practical effects involving water, wind, lighting and more.

Make your brand leap out, and leave a lasting memory for visitors with experiences from Attract AR.

Attract VR – Amaze, Educate, Train and Entertain in virtual worlds as real as this one

Virtual Reality has the power to take you to new places, old places, imaginary places and impossible places:

For Heritage

Recreate any period in history and let people explore it as if they were really there, interacting with people and objects long forgotten in time.

For Visitor Centres

Explore areas normally beyond access – aquariums can take visitors under the sea to meet the wildlife face to face, parks can shrink visitors down to the size of an ant to explore micro-habitats and space centres can take you up in a rocket to unexplored worlds. The possibilities are endless, and the experience remains in people’s minds for years to come.

For Training

Let your students and trainees get hands-on with equipment and scenarios that can’t be replicated physically. From controlling high-end industrial equipment through learning to navigate locations and facilities on the other side of the globe, to safety and fire training in ways that will be more memorable and easier to retain than traditional learning environments.

The uses of Virtual Reality have only just started to be explored, and Attract VR are at the forefront of making this new interactive technology work for businesses, not just as a gimmick but as a genuinely useful tool.

Give us a call on 0161 974 7550 to chat about what VR and AR technologies can bring to your business or organisation, or drop us an email at /

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